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    Assortments filled with our top sellers

    Baxter's Glazed by the Dozen (savings of $1.79) - $19.69 per Dozen

    Manager's Assortment - Dozen with hole (savings of $1.79) - $19.69 per Dozen

    Manager's Assortment - Specialty Dozen (savings of $2.99) - $32.89 per Dozen

    Manager's Assortment - 6 donuts with a hole + 6 Specialties (savings of $2.39) - $26.29 per Dozen

    Combo Subtotal

    A La Carte

    Donuts with a Hole - $1.79 each


    Baxters Glazed Raised

    Chocolate Iced Raised

    Chocolate Iced Raised w/Sprinkles

    Granulated Sugar Raised

    White Iced Raised w/Sprinkles

    Caramel Iced Raised

    Maple Iced Raised

    Strawberry Iced Raised

    Chocolate Iced Cake

    Chocolate Iced Cake w/Sprinkles

    White Iced Cake w/Sprinkles

    Blueberry Cake

    Devils Food Cake

    Red Velvet Cake

    Old Fashioned Cake

    Specialties - $2.99 each


    Apple Fritter

    Cinnamon Roll

    Chocolate Ice Cinnamon Roll

    Caramel Ice Cinnamon Roll

    Bavarian Long John

    Chocolate Fluff Long John

    German Chocolate

    White Fluff Long John

    Glazed Twist

    Cinnamon Twist

    Chocolate Long John

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    Combo Subtotal

    Total Due ($10 minimum order required)

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    Order deadline is noon 2 days before delivery.